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Why Are Your Customers Losing Interest?

Are you feeling that your loyal customers are losing interest and are not interested in your regular sales anymore? Are you wondering what has changed? The answer is probably in your packaging strategy. Shopping bags are everywhere, from retail shops to gift shops to doctor’s offices. The cute little bags that you receive at the end of your visit to any retail store makes you remember it more than the shopping experience itself.

For the retail owners, who are still using the simple plastic bag, it is important to remember that for your customers the shopping experience ends the minute they step out of your shop. And once they are out, there is no means of advertisement except for that bag they take with them. The people passing by will have no desire to visit your shop if they don’t see something that intrigues or attracts them.

In simple words, when you are packaging a last minute gift for a house warming party or an impromptu barbecue, you are more likely to package it in a brightly colored, good quality bag rather than a simple plastic bag or a brown paper bag.

This rule applies to your shop as well. Your shopping bags must be attractive and chic enough that your customers will have no desire to just throw them in the recycling chute. You want them to be used and displayed because they are so chic and fashionable.

Retaining customers for your business in today’s competitive world is no joke and if shopping bags can help you do that in an affordable way, you should jump at the opportunity. The Bag Lab can help you design shopping bags, which will improve your customers’ out-of-shop experience and instill a renewed interest in your business. Contact us today and find out how you can make that happen!