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The Story of Three Bags

When retailers were asked what kind of shopping bag they preferred for their shops, most of them were torn between paper, plastic and canvas bags. Some of them preferred the versatility and affordability of the plastic bags. Although, people are still unsure about the environmental impact of plastic, if any. They choose them because they are efficient, easy to use and less expensive.

On the other hand, advocates of paper bags claim that not only are paper bags suitable for the environment but they are better than plastic bags where convenience is concerned. The bio-degradable material, with which a paper bag is made from, allows it to be used without any guilt on the user’s part. People never preferred brown paper bags in the past because they found them boring, are now focusing on the revolutionized version of paper bag. They are available in a variety of colors and materials. Different styles allow the retailers to customize them based on their business model and needs.

The third bag in question is the canvas bag. Most of the environmental advocates and nature-conscious people, don’t like to use plastic bags. They prefer reusable bags like canvas that can be washed and re-used. The affordability and convenience is great and whenever the mood for shopping arises, your faithful canvas bag is always there to offer its packaging services. The retailers also love canvas bags because they are a walking billboard, almost forever. These bags with your name printed on them will be carried for months and months. Amazing way to advertise your store on a constant basis.

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