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How to Make Shopping Bags Come Alive With Colors

If you are unsure about which color is best for your brand and your shopping bag, you are not alone. The thought of picking the best color palette for their businesses keeps many retailers awake at night. This is due to the fact that the right color can help you with your branding and make your establishment popular, while an incorrect color choice will do nothing to help you grow your business.

Some businesses are diverse enough to be paired with any colors, like a department store can have many signature colors. On the other hand, specific businesses, such as health care establishments cannot utilize garish and bright colors as their signature hues. Many organizations hire color psychologists and specialists who help them choose the best color, depending upon the nature and operation of their business.

Another thing that makes choosing a color palette a challenge is the fast tracked process of constant change in the marketing world. People’s mindset change all the time, what once was considered a sensation and a phenomenon soon melts away into the crevices of their minds.

The trick is to choose a color that is a classic and has everlasting meaning for people. For example, Coca Cola, with its signature red, and Tiffany’s, with its signature eggshell blue color, have stuck to their roots and have never once tried to change their packaging colors. The reason for that is simple. People associate their brands with a particular color and changing it would be disastrous for their sales and marketing.

According to our color specialists at The Bag Lab, there are some basic things that you must keep in mind if you want to build your brand identity and personality.
1) Think about your business personality and the nature of your business
2) Ask yourself: Do these colors look good and will they attract customers?
3) Use the emotional aspects of colors. For example, excitement by bright colors such as red and orange, sophistication by colors like black and grey, authority and dominance by dark colors such as navy blue and black, consciousness by rainbow colors such as green, white or brown and reliability and sincerity by colors like pink, yellow and lighter hues of blue.

At The Bag Lab, we have different colors that you can choose from. Our amazing online design tool and cooperative and helpful customer service will help you design the bag of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!