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The Story of Three Bags

When retailers were asked what kind of shopping bag they preferred for their shops, most of them were torn between paper, plastic and canvas bags. Some of them preferred the versatility and affordability of the plastic bags. Although, people are still unsure about the environmental impact of plastic, if any. They choose them because they are efficient, easy to use and less expensive.

On the other hand, advocates of paper bags claim that not only are paper bags suitable for the environment but they are better than plastic bags where convenience is concerned. The bio-degradable material, with which a paper bag is made from, allows it to be used without any guilt on the user’s part. People never preferred brown paper bags in the past because they found them boring, are now focusing on the revolutionized version of paper bag. They are available in a variety of colors and materials. Different styles allow the retailers to customize them based on their business model and needs.

The third bag in question is the canvas bag. Most of the environmental advocates and nature-conscious people, don’t like to use plastic bags. They prefer reusable bags like canvas that can be washed and re-used. The affordability and convenience is great and whenever the mood for shopping arises, your faithful canvas bag is always there to offer its packaging services. The retailers also love canvas bags because they are a walking billboard, almost forever. These bags with your name printed on them will be carried for months and months. Amazing way to advertise your store on a constant basis.

At The Bag Lab, we have an extensive collection of all three varieties of these bags. You will find that our creative and inventive online design tool will help you customize your bag in the way that you desire. To know more about our services, contact us today.

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Retailers Prefer Reusable Bags To Save Money and the Environment

Most of the retailers nowadays are shifting their attention towards reusable shopping bags to save money, and to keep up with the growing popularity of preserving the environment. Most customers are also now considering the added benefits of reusable bags. Not only do they cut down the environmental waste considerably, but they are also quite reliable and durable.

A reusable bag can be used for long periods of time. Some of them which are made of cotton or soft fabrics can even be washed. This can help the retailer because with the stores name on the bag and the re-usability, the store owner gets advertising week after week.


The fashion industry has also taken notice of the growing frenzy, regarding reusable shopping bags, which has prompted designers like Stella McCartney to launch a stylish and chic shopping bag. Foods also created excitement in New York, when it launched a series of limited shopping bags for a price of $15.

No matter the nature of the business, owners are leaning towards a greener option for packaging their products to satisfy environmental protection advocates and especially the public. People are vehemently against billions of shopping bags that cannot be recycled and that cause pollution.

Moreover, if recyclable shopping bags are adopted, it could make a huge difference where disposal cost is concerned. Do you know that if only New York stopped using non-recyclable bags, the city could save $250,000 in a year? So if you are looking to make a positive change, try investing in reusable bags from our collection. At The Bag Lab, we have a variety of bags which can be designed attractively. To know more about our bags, contact us today.

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Are Printed Shopping Bags the New Designer Bags?

Celebrities and street style bloggers are often photographed with gigantic, brightly colored shopping bags. There was a time when they were only considered a packaging necessity. Nowadays, they are carried around as a status symbol. If you shopped at Hermes, Instagramming your haul with the bright orange shopping bags becomes a necessity.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Cate Blanchett and Olivia Palermo are often photographed with shopping bags carrying the names of the biggest and most popular fashion houses in Beverly Hills or the Upper East Side of New York. This has fueled the craze to include printed shopping bags into the sales strategy of retail stores all over the country. Customers are inclined towards visiting your establishment in a higher percentage if they are attracted towards your packaging and display designs.

The need to take part in the ongoing trend is what drives most customers to visit fashionable retail stores that are now offering them a chance to feel included in the stylish trend, regarding printed shopping bags. They have been featured on the runways and high end designers like Gucci, Prada, and Saks Fifth Avenue are producing their statement shopping bags. They are not just a packaging necessity now, but a fashion statement.

Many fashionistas are seen lugging around more than one designer shopping bag, in addition to their handbags which only increases their chance of being noticed by fashion bloggers and photographers. If you are seen carrying a fashionable printed shopping bag, it is automatically assumed that you are trendy. If you want to capitalize on this huge trend, The Bag Lab offers you the chance to do so. The different varieties of material, styles and colors make it easy for you to customize your shopping bag that will fulfill the needs of your business successfully. To know more about our services, contact us today and start your journey towards becoming a chic business.


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How to Start Your Custom Shopping Bag Journey

When you make the wonderful decision of designing your own customized shopping bag, the next thing that you’ll wonder is what your design should look like. A little research on the internet and the ongoing trends can guide you and be a huge help, but in the end, it is your creativity and ingenuity that should be reflected in your bags.

Hiring a designer is a feasible option for some business owners who don’t have a lot of time on their hands or who can afford to take that route. For others, hiring a professional is a costly endeavor, which they want to avoid. The good news is, after a little research and deliberation; you can successfully design your own printed shopping bags, which is customized to reflect the nature of your business.

The Bag Lab is a haven for people who want to design a custom shopping bag that reflects their creativity. Moreover, it provides the user a chance to incorporate their logo onto the bag for extra effect. Although there is a dedicated team of designers employed by The Bag Lab who can help you in designing the ideal bag for your business, the online design tool is easy and simple.

It can be used to design a bag online and the template helps you choose the type of bag, color and design as well as other features. If you want to generate sales and attract customers through your creative and attractive shopping bags, this is your best bet.

The Bag Lab guides you through the whole process of your customized bag production. Here, you can get the shopping bag of your dreams, designed solely by you (if you want), based on your needs and preferences. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and place your order to fulfill your ambitions of incorporating a custom shopping bag into your business and sales strategy.


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Why Did Paper Bags Become Iconic?

Most people are unfamiliar with the name Marvin S. Traub but what they don’t know is that he singlehandedly launched the iconic Big Brown Bag campaign in Bloomindale’s and made it a household item! The Big Brown Bag was first introduced in the Bloomingdale store which was just a simple Upper East Side department store. But after launching a trendsetting paper bag, it reached an iconic status.

Other stores started copying this shopping bag strategy and in a matter of months, it became the popular choice for shopping bags all across the world. The Brown Paper Campaign was first commercially introduced in 1973 and its popularity has not decreased even after more than 43 years.

Although, to an untrained eye, it looked like a simple recyclable and plain shopping bag. Eco-friendly lobbyists campaigned to make it a standard shopping bag to protect the environment. Their campaigns paid off and most of the restaurants and grocery stores started adopting the new paper bag as well.

It has remained a popular choice after so many years because it allows businesses to customize it according to their needs and creativity. The flexibility and malleability that a paper bag provides is enhanced by its utility and functionality. At The Bag Lab, we have a variety of paper shopping bags available for your business. The amazing thing about these paper bags is that you can customize them based on your preference and add the name and logo of your company. Contact us today and let us help you find the most suitable bag for your business.

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Expand Your Business Horizon with Customized Shopping Bags

If you are the owner of a retail business, you probably know the importance of concentric marketing and advertising strategies which can promote your business and make it successful. But in order to get more customers, you don’t always need to spend a massive amount of capital on the marketing of your business. Customizable bags are an easy way to make your business popular, without breaking the bank. They can create awareness for your brand and products.


In this regard, there are many companies that are offering their services nowadays to manufacture a specially designed customizable bag, that will not only act as a convenient branding tool but will also allow you to incorporate your creativity into its design. The Bag Lab has taken this a step further with an efficient and innovative online design tool that will enable you to design your own shopping bag in real time.

All you need to do is choose either plastic bags, paper bags, non woven bags, canvas bags or jute bags then click right into the design tool, it’s easy. All the elements you choose will not only make your shopping bag look attractive and stylish, but it will also turn heads on the street! This way, your customizable shopping bags will work as a walking advertisement for your business.

The best thing about our online creative tool is that it lets you incorporate your personal touch and creativity onto the bags. Many business owners might be intimidated by the job of designing a shopping bag themselves though. At The Bag Lab, you don’t have to worry. The online designing tool is convenient and easy to use. But remember, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of designing your own bag, you can also use the help of our special design team. All in all, it is a great investment to design customizable shopping bags as they will increase profits for your business in the long run.


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Cheap Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Don’t have much money to spend on advertising? No worries. These simple yet affordable tricks will help promote your brand without breaking the bank.

Great Content

Publish great content or if writing isn’t your strong point, hire someone else to do it for you. Put all your emphasis on quality and diversity. Be creative and come up with new concepts to attract your customers.


Ad Promo Credits

Watch for cheap ad promo deals from Google Ads and Facebook Ads online. If you don’t have a massive budget for advertising, these can be a great way to target a huge customer base by spending a minimal amount of money.

Be Network Savvy

Connect with your customers by being active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Add Instagram to the list too, if your business is image oriented.

Info Graphics

Info graphics are very powerful marketing tools. Most of the internet users are attracted toward info graphics which serve as a visual eye candy and are easy to relate to and share.

Participate In Events

It doesn’t matter if you participate in a local charity walk or a digital contest on a global level. If you want to keep your business relevant, participating in and referencing every relative contest and event is essential.

Order Printed Bags

Your business can flourish by the upgraded version of simple shopping bags. At The Bag Lab, a creative team helps you choose between a variety of materials, colors and designs to create unique and stylish bags for your business at cost effective prices.

All of these cheap marketing tips will take your business to the next level. For more information about designing and ordering your new customized printed bags, call us at 1-877-224-5229 today!

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The Tease Factor: Promoting Your Brand with Canvas Duffle Bags

Are you looking for a way to promote your summer camp or need a subtle way to boost your gym membership? Look no further than the Eco-friendly canvas rope duffle bag. The Bag Lab encourages customers to use their creativity and personalize their canvas bags online from multitudes of styles available on our website in real time.
The versatility of a canvas duffle bag makes it the Holy Grail for people who want to have a personal promotional bag to hand out to their members or shoppers. You can either use it to hold the necessities like your keys or wallet, or even your laundry from the laundromat, and groceries from the farmer’s market. If you are a light packer, these bags can help you get ready for a trip in less than 10 minutes. Throw in some clothes and toiletries, tighten the sling rope and you are good to go! Motels and hotels can also give their guests canvas duffle bags printed with their logos after the guests work out at the gym or spa.
Whether you are a camping company, a gym or spa, or a boy or girl scout training camp, these duffle bags will make a lasting impression on your guests or customers. Having your name and logo on these Eco friendly duffel bags are the perfect promotion for your brand or company.
The creative team at The Bag Lab can help you customize your Eco-friendly canvas duffle bag, keeping in mind your style, needs and preferences. You can also use your artsy imagination to DIY. The fashionable canvas rope duffle bag is available in a backpack style that is perfect for carrying sports equipment if you have a need to do so. As mentioned above, our bags are available in a variety of colors and styles and can be adorned with the logo of your company. They are 100% cotton and are sure to impress your customers or members.

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Designer Plastic Bags: Are They Worth It?

When you are selling your goods to a customer, one of the most important things to consider is the marketability of your products. Leaving an ever-lasting impact on your shoppers and creating a satisfying and memorable shopping experience for them is crucial. The first-impression matters a lot when it comes to competing in the retail market. Doing everything first and better than the others has become the priority of many retailers.
One of the easiest and most affordable ways to captivate your customer’s attention is to design a shopping bag that packs a punch. It should be creative and unique enough to make your customer share it on social media and get noticed on the street. There is nothing wrong with using mainstream and commonly available plastic bags, but they do not make you stand out apart from the crowd. In general, cool, creative and clever designs are now being incorporated into the designing of a shopping bag with your company/store name and logo.
These bags attract attention of potential customers and redirect them toward your store. Also, it can make you a household name with positive publicity, marking you as a fierce competitor.
Interactive designs can also serve you very well in these aspects. You can hire our creative team online at The Bag Lab to do all the designing for you. There is never a charge for this service. We have many plastic bags that are aesthetically pleasing and can be customized with your company logo and brand name.
Other creative characteristics can also be added after consulting with our creative team. So, whether you choose the heavy weight frosted bags, beautiful European style plastic shopping bags or frosted high density shopping bags, you are sure to find a plastic bag matching your style at The Bag Lab.

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The Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Bagging Needs

The bag manufacturing industry is evolving substantially, dedicating resources to the innovation of eco-friendly products. However, the revenue and economic effects are only a small part of the bigger picture. The most critical change that the bag industry is going through is targeting what the customer wants. The design and recycling characteristics have become such an integral part of this industry nowadays, that companies are employing creative teams to fulfill the requirements of their customers. There are a few eco-friendly companies available in the market, such as The Bag Lab. We also provide our customers with the services of a design tool as well as a manufacturing company. Offering a two-in-one benefit, we are the future of the bag manufacturing industry, catering to the needs and fashion forward thinking of our customers.
The simple design and the adornment of your company logo can make a simple shopping bag into something extraordinary. Your customer will be proud to carry a bag which is fashionable, well designed and is eco-friendly as well. The green options of jute, light weight canvas and non woven bags are being introduced all over the globe, which can be used in supermarkets, children’s clothing stores, shoe stores, women’s clothing stores, hobby shops, sporting goods stores, and bookstores. The cleaner and greener option can improve the environment and make your customers look chic and trendy while doing so, satisfying even the most discerning customer.
So take the first step and stand apart from your competitors by investing in eco-friendly bags from The Bag Lab.