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The Best 3 Designs for Printed Shopping Bags

For shopping bag enthusiasts, this was an exciting year. The “Walking Billboard” concept, which urged many companies to launch attractive, designer shopping bags, made it a sensational marketing strategy. Chic and stylish shopping bag designs were featured in newspapers, magazines, fashion runways, street style blogs and social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Shopping bags, which were considered a means to package products and were valued for their utility only, also gained new heights in popularity.

So what made them so popular? The answer is quite simple. Their design and creativity helped them leap across the threshold of normal and boring into the world of fashion and style. Fashionistas were photographed by the paparazzi holding the massive bright orange shopping bags of Hermes and the little parcels of Tiffany’s in their signature blue color. Retailers and business owners should also take note and consider revamping their sales and advertising strategy by incorporating creative printed shopping bags into their business strategy.

Here are some of the bags which caught the eyes of the public all over the country and became a sensation.


The abstract watercolor paint design is original and authentic. Sophisticated colors give the bag an air of grace and luxury.


The baby pink color is not only a favorite of little girls but a popular choice for jewelry, perfumes and lingerie brands. Here is an example. The bright pink is understated by its simple design and a clear black outline. Business owners should understand that if you are using a bright color for your bag, understating the design will make it look more aesthetically pleasing.


Barnes and Noble achieved new heights with this amazing and creative shopping bag design. The company unveiled the bags which had stories and graphical illustration on the front. The simple colors clearly represented the nature of the business. The color of the bag was made to look similar to the book pages and worked perfectly with the dark coffee color on the sides.

Business owners, who want to invest in beautiful and creative printed shopping bags, should contact us today. The Bag Lab team is dedicated to helping its customers find the perfect bags which suit all their business needs.

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Why Did Paper Bags Become Iconic?

Most people are unfamiliar with the name Marvin S. Traub but what they don’t know is that he singlehandedly launched the iconic Big Brown Bag campaign in Bloomindale’s and made it a household item! The Big Brown Bag was first introduced in the Bloomingdale store which was just a simple Upper East Side department store. But after launching a trendsetting paper bag, it reached an iconic status.

Other stores started copying this shopping bag strategy and in a matter of months, it became the popular choice for shopping bags all across the world. The Brown Paper Campaign was first commercially introduced in 1973 and its popularity has not decreased even after more than 43 years.

Although, to an untrained eye, it looked like a simple recyclable and plain shopping bag. Eco-friendly lobbyists campaigned to make it a standard shopping bag to protect the environment. Their campaigns paid off and most of the restaurants and grocery stores started adopting the new paper bag as well.

It has remained a popular choice after so many years because it allows businesses to customize it according to their needs and creativity. The flexibility and malleability that a paper bag provides is enhanced by its utility and functionality. At The Bag Lab, we have a variety of paper shopping bags available for your business. The amazing thing about these paper bags is that you can customize them based on your preference and add the name and logo of your company. Contact us today and let us help you find the most suitable bag for your business.

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How to Market Your Clothing Line

Most people, who are interested in the fashion industry, dream of becoming the next Carolina Herrera or Marc Jacobs. If you are unable to follow the path of prestige and fame or fail to showcase your couture collection on international runways, you can still follow your fashion dream by launching your own clothing line.

Starting a clothing line might sound like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it takes a lot of effort. You have to continue with the hard work even after your clothing line becomes successful. This is where promotion and marketing comes in.

Promotion of your personal fashion brand is not just limited to your social media pages and email marketing. There are several strategies that you can adopt, which will be instrumental in increasing sales volume and the popularity of your clothing line.

1) Create a list of major fashion editors, media personnel, merchandisers, clothing buyers and distributors and boutique owners. Contact them and send them press releases and catalogs featuring your clothing line.

2) Commission a few exemplary pieces from your clothing line, and ask your seamstress to prepare them. Ask a model to wear the clothes, or if you have a limited budget, a mannequin will do just fine. Take photographs and create a detailed portfolio.

3) Use the pictures from your clothing line portfolio and create a booklet of your latest collection. This can be featured on your social media pages as well as other marketing platforms. For an extra kick, add the type of fabric, sizing information and colors available for each piece.

4) Consider investing in attractive and quality printed shopping bags. Fashionistas will evaluate the quality of your customer service based on everything, including the store ambiance and the packaging of the clothes, so quality shopping bags are a must.

To impress your clients with creative printed plastic bags, contact us today. Our special online design tool will also help you incorporate the logo of your clothing line with a catchy title for your shop. Visit The Bag Lab and try out the amazing shopping bag design tool today!


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Progressive Strategies for a Sporting Goods Store

Even though sporting goods stores can require a massive amount of startup revenue, once they start producing profit, it’s worth the investment. If you own a sporting goods store, you will have the chance to not only develop good relationships with the local community’s sports teams, but also flourish close ties with popular athletes.
However, it is very important that you research the target and niche marketing strategies before you open your doors to the public. Just opening a sporting goods store will not be enough to keep your customers interested and attracted towards your business, it is inherent that you keep updating your marketing and advertising policies. Steering your business towards its goal is the owners responsibility. This can prove to be the deciding factor for your success or failure.

You must be able to prove to your customers that choosing your store over your competitors will benefit them. Here’s how:

1) Keep up to date on the local strategies.

2) Find out which sporting events are scheduled to happen in the coming year and update your inventory accordingly.

3) Moreover, never compromise on quality. Playing sports is a rigorous activity and if your product quality is compromised and your equipment wares out quickly, the customers will not return to your establishment. Make sure that you are giving your customers “more bang for their buck”.

4) Another thing to consider is investing in varied products. Just because you own a sporting goods store doesn’t mean that you are licensed to sell just sports related items. Broaden your horizons and add health and fitness gadgets and products to your inventory. They will not only attract more customers but will also increase your profit.

5) You can sell sports equipment, protective gear, fitness gadgets, sports watches, swimming gear, skateboards and even surfboards in your sporting goods shop.

6) If you want to imprint your name on the minds of the customers, you should also think about investing in good quality shopping bags, like these.

At The Bag Lab, we provide our clients the opportunity to use our online design tool, to design their own unique printed bags. They are not only affordable, but are sure to make an impact on your customers. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and order your bags online now!


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Unique Shopping Bags Can Boost Your Shoe Store

The fashion retail industry is fickle and competitive. So if you are a shoe store owner, you must be aware of the changing trends and the desire to out-perform your competitors. Surviving in the retail shoe industry takes a lot of hard work and creativity, as well as thorough research and a connection with your customers on a regular basis.

If you have an amazing collection of designs and types of shoes available, and you are neglecting the communication area of your business strategy, you will fail to make a substantial profit. Most of the customers will remain in the dark about your latest designs, discounts or sales. Therefore, having a strong social media presence is a must.

Having a quality product, and an eye catching shoe collections displayed in your store, is also very important. But packaging is equally inherent for the success of your shoe business.

Nowadays, customers demand perfection, uniqueness and creativity. In order to meet their high expectations, you must understand that simple generic plastic bags are not going to suffice. At The Bag Lab, we have a variety of printed plastic and printed paper shopping bags available that you can customize according to your business needs.

The online design tool is an innovative brainchild of ours and it gives you an opportunity to use your own designing skills and creativity to create printed bags with logos, which will surely create a great impact on your customers. Contact us today and find out how you can order your fashionable luxury shopping bags today.

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Making Your Veterinary Practice a Success

With a slow economy and severe competition, several veterinary practices are feeling the brunt of low customer volume. To boost your number of clients, consider the helpful tips given below and incorporate them into your practice to meet your average monthly quota for customer visits.

Firstly, install an excellent reminder system for your veterinary practice. Make sure that you are using all tools at your disposal, like email, social media platforms and SMS marketing effectively. Your average response rate should be between 80-85%. If it is any less than that, re-check the intervals between reminders.

Remember that regular reminders can increase the effectiveness of your communication by 17%. If a pre-designed reminder system doesn’t work for you, there are several that allow complete customization based on your preference and type of business.

Basically, it is ideal to send your clients at least three reminders in the course of a month. Also, ask your employees to keep a record of the clients that responded positively to the reminder system.

Next, keep a detailed record of customer volume in each of the veterinary categories, such as wellness examination, animal nutrition, parasite prevention, vaccination history and any other medical conditions. This will allow you to contact clients that have a treatment due or those who have missed an appointment. Some clients are busy with their daily lives and unintentionally miss an appointment. A reminder from your office will be greatly appreciated by them.

Another thing to consider is creative printed shopping bags for your veterinary practice. Using unprinted simple paper or plastic bags is old-school. There is no creativeness and ingenuity in that. Use The Bag Lab’s creative designing tool to design goodie bags or a shopping bag based on your preferences. The amazing thing about this tool is that it will allow you to add your logo to the bag and you can also enhance your design by adding clip art. So go crazy and add cute pictures, of puppies and kittens, to your shopping bags and give them to your customers when they are done with treatment. Contact us today and find out how you can use these amazing shopping bags to successfully market your veterinary practice.


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Shopping Bags as an Effective Marketing Tool

Marketing tools can sometimes be very expensive and employing them can cost you a lot of money. It is thus, often difficult for businesses to carve out a suitable marketing budget from their overall financial plan. Although social media is an excellent way to market your business, products and services, it can sometimes become a monotonous practice.

Almost every brand is now concentrating on developing their social media presence on different platforms and you should too. But you must not limit yourself to just that. However, broadening your horizon towards other marketing techniques to incorporate an alternative promotional strategy may make you realize that most of these advertising techniques are quite expensive. But with us, this problem can be resolved with ease.

We have a way to market your brand without spending an exorbitant amount of money; i.e. by using creative shopping bags. Most retailers either ignore the unlimited possibilities of shopping bags or are unaware of their functionality and advertising power. In reality though, a shopping bag can be a highly effective marketing tool.

At The Bag Lab, we have taken this into consideration and have created an innovative and user-friendly online designing tool, which allows our clients to create their own printed shopping bag designs. If you are unhappy with the ready-made, pre-designed bags commonly available in the markets, this is your chance to shine. Use this design tool to construct a unique and ingenious shopping bag with the logo and name of your business on it.

If you are worried about colors and materials, don’t be! We have a variety of options that you can pair together and create a shopping bag which is like no other. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and order your printed bags with logos today!

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The Art of Retailing in a Veterinary Practice

Most of the veterinarians are not skilled in the field of marketing, sales or advertising. Their lack of retailing knowledge comes from their medical background. However, they need to be pulled out of their comfort zone to engage in the art of retailing if they want to compete with the high-end pet stores and low-margin retail outlets.

Due to severe competition, many veterinarians avoid the sales side of their business and only focus on simply providing professional services to their clients. What they don’t know however, is that most of the people trust and rely on their veterinarian’s judgment when they are looking to buy products for their pets. If you don’t stock the necessary merchandise in your office so you can supply each patient with their needs, they’ll just have to buy it from someone else. This results in a sizable amount of profit for others and a missed opportunity for veterinarians everywhere.

In this regard, there are several things that can help you develop an acute marketing and retail strategy. If applied correctly, these strategies can help you boost your sales too. Here are a few of tips:

1) Think about placing the products in a spacious part of your establishment, where people can pause and take a look at the available items. Placing them near the front desk will also enhance sales, as the clients will be forced to pass the waiting time by going through the product displays.

2) Let the potential customers look through the products, their selling price and the information on the back of the package. Let them make an informed decision before buying a product.

3) Don’t carry multiple brands of the same type of products. This will likely confuse and overwhelm your clients. The most effective strategy is to carry the brand that has had the mostly positive reviews in the past. One brand, with your seal of approval, will satisfy the clients sufficiently into making a purchase.

4) Invest in high quality packaging or shopping bags. Most of the people will remember their shopping experience by the shopping bags when they go home. At The Bag Lab, we provide you the opportunity to design your own bag by using our innovative online design tool. The availability of different types of materials, styles and colors makes it an easy job to place the logo of your practice and name on the printed shopping bag with pride.

To know more about how you can enhance your retail services by using a shopping bag, contact us today. We provide attractive bags at an affordable price.


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Why Are Dermatologists Using Goody Bags For Advertising?

You must have read countless articles which urge you to adopt social media marketing and modern technological communication tools like smart phones to market your dermatological practice. However, many of these sources fail to mention the powerful impact that goodie bags can have on your overall business’s success.

A detailed marketing strategy is inherent for your success, but what’s more crucial is to realize the importance of targeted marketing or niche marketing. Just because you represent a medical industry doesn’t mean that you cannot employ marketing and promotion strategies from other sectors. One of the most common promotional programs was started a decade ago by major salons and spas in cities across America.

This included goodie bag marketing, in which small sample bags were presented to the customer before they left your office. Although there is nothing really expensive and luxurious about these goodie bags, customers still feel special after they receive them.

Dermatological practices should also adopt the same strategy and order specially designed goodie bags, like these, from The Bag Lab. You can go on our website and design the bags yourself, but if you don’t have the time, our creative designing team will also help you create the printed bags which will enhance your customer experience and popularity.

Goodie bags can be filled with anything you like. You can add inexpensive items like pens, calendars, cremes, travel-sized face washes or hand sanitizer. These printed goodie bags will continue to advertise for you even after they are emptied. They are made from recyclable material and can be used again and again by your clients. Everywhere they use the bag, your brand will be advertised free of charge!

If you have any further questions, contact us today and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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How to Start a Successful Fashion Business

Starting a fashion boutique, or designing clothes for a living, is a dream which has encouraged many women and men to start their successful fashion brands. For most people, creating unique items and connecting with their customers through the common love for fashion is a wonderful thing. What’s more, running a fashion business not only compliments the lifestyle of a trend lover, but also features flexible working hours.

However, it is not an easy task to start and operate a retail fashion business if you don’t have a clear plan in mind. Even though running a fashion store is much less complicated than any other business, you will still need to acquaint yourself with the sales jargon in order to produce profit and revenue. Most people who are thinking of starting a fashion business, do have an idea of the type of merchandise they would like to sell in their shop. However, it is very important to have a clearly defined structure in mind before you make an investment and sign the lease for your new store location.

Here are some pointers for people who want to start their own fashion business.

• Do extensive research to develop a clear idea of what your fashion business will represent. Blogs, internet, fashion weeks, ongoing trends and classic fashion books and materials are some of the resources which can help you develop a niche concept and identify your target market.

•Consider a location for your store. The store site should be accessible and near an anchor store to enhance foot traffic. It is often a good idea to keep your ear to the ground and be on a constant lookout for good real estate. Ideal locations come and go very quickly in the retail store business.

• Use your existing resources and develop personal relations with other people from the fashion industry. This will help you in the long run when you are looking to buy raw materials, templates, advertising and marketing.

• Document everything in writing. Legal documentation, licenses, receipts, lease papers and any other important papers which directly pertains to your business should be filed systematically.

• Having a good inventory is a must, but attractive shopping bags will not only elevate your products but will also impress your customers. At The Bag Lab, we have an innovative online design studio, which can be used by our clients to design their own shopping bags, like these. Plastic, paper shopping bags, non woven reusable bags and environmentally friendly canvas bags.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and order your printed shopping bags, to add an element of panache to your overall business strategy.