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Why Are Dermatologists Using Goody Bags For Advertising?

You must have read countless articles which urge you to adopt social media marketing and modern technological communication tools like smart phones to market your dermatological practice. However, many of these sources fail to mention the powerful impact that goodie bags can have on your overall business’s success.

A detailed marketing strategy is inherent for your success, but what’s more crucial is to realize the importance of targeted marketing or niche marketing. Just because you represent a medical industry doesn’t mean that you cannot employ marketing and promotion strategies from other sectors. One of the most common promotional programs was started a decade ago by major salons and spas in cities across America.

This included goodie bag marketing, in which small sample bags were presented to the customer before they left your office. Although there is nothing really expensive and luxurious about these goodie bags, customers still feel special after they receive them.

Dermatological practices should also adopt the same strategy and order specially designed goodie bags, like these, from The Bag Lab. You can go on our website and design the bags yourself, but if you don’t have the time, our creative designing team will also help you create the printed bags which will enhance your customer experience and popularity.

Goodie bags can be filled with anything you like. You can add inexpensive items like pens, calendars, cremes, travel-sized face washes or hand sanitizer. These printed goodie bags will continue to advertise for you even after they are emptied. They are made from recyclable material and can be used again and again by your clients. Everywhere they use the bag, your brand will be advertised free of charge!

If you have any further questions, contact us today and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.