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The Best 3 Designs for Printed Shopping Bags

For shopping bag enthusiasts, this was an exciting year. The “Walking Billboard” concept, which urged many companies to launch attractive, designer shopping bags, made it a sensational marketing strategy. Chic and stylish shopping bag designs were featured in newspapers, magazines, fashion runways, street style blogs and social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Shopping bags, which were considered a means to package products and were valued for their utility only, also gained new heights in popularity.

So what made them so popular? The answer is quite simple. Their design and creativity helped them leap across the threshold of normal and boring into the world of fashion and style. Fashionistas were photographed by the paparazzi holding the massive bright orange shopping bags of Hermes and the little parcels of Tiffany’s in their signature blue color. Retailers and business owners should also take note and consider revamping their sales and advertising strategy by incorporating creative printed shopping bags into their business strategy.

Here are some of the bags which caught the eyes of the public all over the country and became a sensation.


The abstract watercolor paint design is original and authentic. Sophisticated colors give the bag an air of grace and luxury.


The baby pink color is not only a favorite of little girls but a popular choice for jewelry, perfumes and lingerie brands. Here is an example. The bright pink is understated by its simple design and a clear black outline. Business owners should understand that if you are using a bright color for your bag, understating the design will make it look more aesthetically pleasing.


Barnes and Noble achieved new heights with this amazing and creative shopping bag design. The company unveiled the bags which had stories and graphical illustration on the front. The simple colors clearly represented the nature of the business. The color of the bag was made to look similar to the book pages and worked perfectly with the dark coffee color on the sides.

Business owners, who want to invest in beautiful and creative printed shopping bags, should contact us today. The Bag Lab team is dedicated to helping its customers find the perfect bags which suit all their business needs.