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How Colors Affect Customer’s Psychology

When you own a retail store there is an art of persuading your customers to buy your products. In this regard, you can employ different market strategies to influence and direct consumer behavior which can boost your profits and popularity. Shoppers nowadays, depend a lot on visual cues and the presentation of a product. The most powerful factor that directs and influence customer behavior is color.

If you are designing your company logo, be careful when choosing the right colors. The design of your logo and its color/s are very important as they will represent your company in every aspect, from letterheads to shopping bags. At The Bag Lab, we are famous for providing our clients with the means to design their own logo by using our online designing software. It is easy to conceptualize the logo and design it using your own creativity, and the advice of our online creative team is always at your disposal.

Before you begin, know that different colors have different psychological effects on customers. These effects are crucial in directing their purchasing power and behavior. For instance:

                    1) Red is a bright color which has the ability to attract attention and will excite and stimulate the minds of the customers. It communicates to the customer that you are reliable and that they can depend on you.
2) Green conveys health and serenity. As it is closely associated with nature, green is also related to the concepts of peace, wealth and prosperity.
3) Yellow is associated with optimism, warmth and hope. It draws the attention of the customers.
4) Black is an elegant color which is related to the concept of power, elegance, class and status. Many high quality brands use this color in their logos to exhibit the concept of luxury.
5) White is the color of serenity, cleanliness, purity and simplicity.

Although we have discussed only a few colors; our design team can provide you with more color and creative ideas, as needed. Contact us for more information at 1-877-224-5229.