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A Comprehensive Marketing Guide for a Pet Store

Creative and well thought out marketing ideas can create a buzz for your pet store, enhance the customer experience, increase store traffic and maximize your business revenue and profits. If you want to boost your business, apply these uncomplicated and easy marketing ideas to your pet store business in order to give it a much needed boost.


Host Events Regularly

Events are an ideal way to connect with your customer base. If you want to build and promote your brand, and increase your sales, you need to host regular events. Try to come up with event ideas that will benefit both your customers and your business. Events like “adoption day”, “doggy training classes”, “grooming competition” or a “dog race” will not only excite your customers and increase your popularity, but it will also enhance the commissions for your trainers and collaborative professional services.

Develop Partnerships

As mentioned above, collaborating with trainers, groomers, and other professional services related to your business, will boost your sales and customer experience. If you want to create value for your clients, give them discounts for the supplementary services when they shop at your store.
Moreover, you can also create a partnership with a trainer to work directly at your store at a reasonable commission. You can also save marketing costs, by developing a robust email marketing campaign and devise multiple packages for your clients who buy from you and your partners on a regular basis.

Promote Uniqueness

In order to capitalize on your brand, the simplest thing that you can do is promote the things which make you stand out from your competitors. Develop special labels for your services and products. Instead of simply advertising “training classes for dogs”, try and label it as “teach your dog to fetch”, etc.

Unique Goody Bags

The customers are more likely to remember their shopping experience at your establishment if they have an attractive goody bag to take home with them. At The Bag Lab, we provide our clients the chance to design their own shopping bags, like these. It is quite easy to place a cute animal clip-art and construct a user-friendly logo by using our online design tool. You can also choose from a variety of bag styles whether they are plastic bags, paper bags, non woven reusable bags or recyclable jute bags which can be had in all types and colors to determine which bag would suit your business the most.
So, contact us today to know more about our products and how you can order cute and colorful bags for your pet store.